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Colleague has been awarded the new Human Capital and Training Solution (HCaTS) Unrestricted and Small Business IDIQ Pool 1 contracts. HCaTS, the product of a partnership between GSA and OPM, is a strategically sourced, government-wide, multiple-award 10.5 year IDIQ. Under Colleague's Pool 1 contracts, customized training and development services are available to any government agency, including training that is developed and/or delivered to any Federal employee to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities related to a specific title, series, and/or function on any subject matter or general knowledge. It also includes course or instructional program administration and customized employee development services provided to any Federal employee to develop and/or enhance their general, mission-specific, management, and/or leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Colleague was one of only 5 small businesses among the total of 35 vendors awarded the HCaTS Pool 1 Customized Training unrestricted contract. Prior to this award, Colleague held the OPM TMA Training and Management Assistance IDIQ for the past 10 years.

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Download our HCaTS Info Sheet Download our HCaTS Info Sheet

Download our HCaTS Unrestricted Pool 1 Contract Download our HCaTS Unrestricted Pool 1 Contract

Download our HCaTS Small Business Pool 1 Contract Download our HCaTS Small Business Pool 1 Contract

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