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Colleague provides consulting and training on Federal grants and financial assistance that conforms to the recently enacted regulations in 2 CFR Part 200. Colleague provides assistance in grant writing and also offers a 3 level certificate program to Federal managers in Federal Grants and Financial Assistance Management. This structured three-tiered certificate program provides introductory and overview-level training at Level 1, more advanced training at Level 2, and expert-level training at Level 3. Each level consists of 3 or 4 courses that build on previous training, resulting in a comprehensive — but not redundant — Federal grants and Federal financial management curriculum. Participants can begin their career by earning a Level 1 certificate, and then pursue higher-level certificates as they advance in the profession. Colleague also offers continuing education courses for Federal grants management and financial assistance professionals.


Colleague Consulting Certificate ProgramLength
Level 1 Required Courses
Developing and Initiating Federal Grants and Other Financial Assistance Instruments2
Managing and Monitoring Federal Grants and Financial Assistance Instruments3
Negotiating Federal Financial Assistance Agreements: Reaching Fair Consensus1
Ethics Considerations in Federal Financial Assistance1
Level 2 Required Courses
Federal Funds Management: Evaluating Risk and Auditing Performance2
Overview of National Grants Policy and Law2
Cost Principles for Financial Assistance2
Level 3 Required Courses
Auditing Federal Financial Assistance Agreements2
Advanced Cost Principles for Federal Financial Assistance2
Federal Financial Assistance Law2


Download our Grants and Financial Assistance catalog. Download our Grants and Financial Assistance catalog


Specifically for the Department of Energy (DOE), Colleague offers customized training courses that have been approved by DOE as Acceptable training options to meet the requirements for DOE's certifications in Financial Assistance and Technical Project Officer.

Download our DOE Financial Assistance catalog. Download our DOE-specific Financial Assistance catalog.


To inquire about enrolling in Colleague Consulting's Grants and Financial Assistance Certificate Programs, please contact Elizabeth Cusin at, or 301-277-0255, ext. 104.

For more information, feel free to call us at 301-277-0255 or use our online form.